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Welcome to WUR!

We're an unlicensed, or "pirate" radio station operating on several frequencies in the 43 meter shortwave broadcast band (generally from 6800 to 7000KHz, depending on QRM). Our programming consists of common and esoteric music, talk, and whatever else we can think of to feed the transmitter and unleash on the airwaves. We have no set broadcast schedule, but keep your dial tuned around 43m most weekends in either USB or AM mode, and you'll have a good chance to hear the unique blend of expression that is Weekend Underground Radio.

If you catch one of our broadcasts, please send us a reception report via email or post on the Free Radio Network's Vines! Listener support is what keeps us going - we need your input.


Dave Stone
Chief Operator, Transmitter Lackey

Writing a Good Reception Report:

When writing to Weekend Underground Radio or stations like ours, there are a few pieces of information that could really help us to improve, and should always be included -

  • Time/date in UTC of the broadcast
  • Your general location
  • SINPO or SIO codes
  • Monitored program content
  • And if possible, your receiving setup

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